Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Welcome David Vitter, to the Publically Acknowledged Sexual Degenerates Club!

by shamanic

Big, huge, important news this morning! A United States Senator, at some point in the past, enjoyed the services of prostitutes!

Okay, so it doesn't end the war or insure a child. But...it's pretty super awesome when a southern Republican's hypocrisy is revealed for the pandering, manipulative bullshit it always was. David Vitter co-authored the Federal Marriage Amendment, after all, and given Newt Gingrich's and Bill Clinton's heavy involvement with passing and signing the Defense of Marriage Act, this homosexual suggests that these "family values" types are all compensating for something.

Bottom line: What David Vitter does in his bedroom is absolutely none of my business (nor even one of my interests), but when he uses his position to attack people like me as sexual degenerates while he's paying strangers for naked-sweaty time, well yeah David. I'm gonna write a blog entry about that.

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