Sunday, July 22, 2007

No incumbent is safe

By Libby

Novak's lede in this piece is about a Fred Thompson fundraiser -- yawn-- but far more interesting is this bit buried at the end.
The biggest political upset so far of this election cycle reflected rank-and-file Republican disgust with the party establishment when former state Sen. Jim Whitehead was defeated Tuesday as the anointed successor to the late Rep. Charles Norwood in a heavily Republican northeastern Georgia district that includes Athens and suburban Augusta.

Dr. Paul Broun, a little-known physician, outworked a complacent Whitehead to win the battle between two conservative Republicans.

Broun's aggressive mail and telephone campaign attacked an overconfident Whitehead, who did not even respond.

Whitehead had led Broun, 44 percent to 21 percent, in the first round of balloting.
Although the seat will remain in Republican hands, Whitehead's unexpected loss terrified those incumbent Republican House members who had thought themselves safe for re-election in 2008.

All the Beltway bozos on both sides of the fence should take note of this development. The biggest mistake both parties are making is in underestimating the scope and intensity of voter discontent. I'm still predicting the "tsunami of 06" will look like a mere zephyr compared to the clean sweep voters are looking for in 08.

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