Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hillary searches for spine

By Libby

Obama's found his on the issue of needle exchange. Obama supports it. I find it diffcult to believe that after all the research that has been done on the subject, Hillary could even make such an uninformed statement as this.
Clinton responded to King's question (1:10:40 in the video above), after some prodding, by saying, "I want to look at the evidence on it" to see whether needle exchange would prevent the spread of HIV without increasing drug abuse.

Numerous studies, including one commissioned by her own husband, have proved time and time again that needle exchange is "safe and effective." I lived in a one of the first communities to adopt the program. It worked. Really well. They have at least ten years worth of positive statistics. Nothing stands in the way of federalized funding of the programs except political cowardice. It's long past time to start funding prevention instead of prohibition.

Hillary says she'll show as "much spine as she can?" I'm surprised to learn that she has enough of it to stand upright after hearing that gutless response.

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