Sunday, July 22, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards shines in the spotlight

By Libby

Elizabeth is becoming a star in her own right on the campaign trail. Her appearances and remarks, both impromtu and scheduled, have been making news everywhere. The consultancy class is bewildered.
"Everything she's doing is unplanned," said a Democratic strategist unaffiliated with any campaign. "They've got to figure out a way to channel whatever energy she has found."

Listening to guys like this why Democrats have been losing elections. It's that unscripted, loose cannon quality, that is so engaging. She -- gasp -- says what she thinks. It comes across as uncalculated and genuine.

It's clearly throwing the competition for a loop. The Clinton camp is trys to minimize her impact.
"People see her as a courageous woman who is admirable – but ultimately this is an election about her husband," said Doug Schoen, a Democratic pollster whose former partner, Mark Penn, is Clinton's chief strategist. "Anything she says or does vis-a-vis somebody like Hillary Clinton is a sideshow. I don't see the point, I don't see the benefit and I don't see the harm."

He's right that the contest is John's but he's wrong if he really thinks Elizabeth isn't making a significant contribution to keeping his candidacy alive. She's not the sideshow. She'a a co-star. And she's doing well in the role.

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