Saturday, June 23, 2007

New media - same old stale talking points

By Libby

Via Kevin Drum, more proof that the left analyzes policy while the wingnuts attack people. Here's Insty's latest putzery in its entirety.
IN THE MAIL: Col. Buzz Patterson's War Crimes: The Left's Campaign to Destroy Our Military and Lose the War on Terror.

I don't think that the left wants to lose the war on terror, exactly -- they just want Bush to lose the war on terror. I suspect, however, that Patterson's theme is one that we'll hear more in the future, especially if things go badly in Iraq.

Isn't that theme getting a little old when Bush's approval ratings are so low he practically has to climb up to get to zero and the GOP candidates are afraid to even say his name in public, much less mention the occupation in Iraq?

And lets see how many other rightwing myths Insty explodes with this "insightful" stink bomb. If we're to assume that "the left" includes every American who has noticed that things are already going badly in Iraq, that rather contradicts the wingers' contention that the majority of Americans are conservative. Allegedly supporting the troops by demanding they be kept in theater, deployed on missions based on the same failed tactics, seems almost too obvious to mention except that it's contributing to a mass bleedout of our military readiness should actual incidents of terrorism occur elsewhere -- like here. And let's also consider the overwhelming agreement among military experts that the occupation has greatly increased the rise of terrorism, so isn't supporting the occupation of Iraq the real equivalent of wanting the war on terror to fail?

And finally let's not forget the oft-repeated wailing about the suppression of conservative voices on campus. Isn't our Insty-expert a college professor? If his employer allows him to post such partisan bleatings on the internets without retribution, it belies that notion too.

I think the lesson here is, when you lie down with liars, you get up with an inability to recognize the truth. But heh, Insty's fans pay for affirmation, not facts. Why should he give a flying leap about credibility?

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