Saturday, June 02, 2007

Neocons Tried To Provoke War With China?

By Cernig

Here's the single scariest thing you'll read this weekend.
The same top Bush administration neoconservatives who leap-frogged Washington’s foreign policy establishment to topple Saddam Hussein nearly pulled off a similar coup in U.S.-China relations—creating the potential of a nuclear war over Taiwan, a top aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powell says.

Lawrence B. Wilkerson, the U.S. Army colonel who was Powell’s chief of staff through two administrations, said in little-noted remarks early last month that “neocons” in the top rungs of the administration quietly encouraged Taiwanese politicians to move toward a declaration of independence from mainland China — an act that the communist regime has repeatedly warned would provoke a military strike.

The top U.S. diplomat in Taiwan at the time, Douglas Paal, backs up Wilkerson’s account, which is being hotly disputed by key former defense officials.
If true, and I have to say that the actions and words of the warmongers in the Bush administration suggest very strongly that it is, then this is a massive story. Remember the Bush administration warning about "mushroom clouds over American cities"? Well, this deliberate pursuit of idiocy could easily have led to exactly that - and no Bin Laden, Saddam or evil Iranians in sight.

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