Saturday, June 02, 2007

Neocons Spinning Anti-Missile Defenses

By Cernig

If you read an interview with the U.S. ambassador to NATO in which she said something like this:
You know, it's really quite unfortunate that Russia has chosen to escalate its own rhetoric. We have said repeatedly that this is a defensive system, that in fact the interceptors carry no warheads, that they are two-stage missiles -- they can't even catch anything coming from Russia -- and that we are prepared to offer full transparency, full verification of all of those things, and even more importantly, we've said to the Russians: "Hey, don't build missiles. Join us in building missile defenses.

...We are talking now about a defensive system, as I said, that has no warheads on it, 10 interceptors, can't even fly high enough to reach Russian missiles, and Moscow is turning this into an enormous new strategic threat. The strategic threat for the United States, for our European allies, and for the people of the Russian Federation today comes from Iran and comes from the fact that despite our best efforts -- those of Washington, of Moscow, and of all the countries in between -- to stop, limit, deter Iran from trying to acquire weapons, we haven't succeeded. And that's where we need to redouble our efforts and need to redouble our defenses in case diplomacy doesn't work.
Would you want to know that:

A: She's married to neocon leading light Robert Kagan and served as Vice President Dick Cheney's deputy national security adviser from 2003 to 2005?


B: The neocons are forthright about their plans for a far larger missile defense network which could easily pose a threat to Russia's deterrent capability and which will weaponize space?

Well, now you do.

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