Monday, June 04, 2007

Jefferson Indicted

By Cernig

The big news this Sunday evening is the announced indictment of William "Freezer Cash" Jefferson on charges racketeering, soliciting bribes and money-laundering. The bribes alone are alleged to run to a cool half million dollars.

It's interesting to scan through the bloggers listed at memeorandum as writing about this. Not a single progressive, liberal or Democratic blogger is defending Jefferson, saying that it's a political frame-up, defending Nancy Pelosi's shameless decision to try to get him onto the Homeland Security committee or giving him any love in any way whatsoever.

Compare that with the way in which many rightwingers dived to the sub-basement of credulity in order to defend Cunningham or DeLay when their indictements were announced. Yet today there are a few rightwingers who want to say that this proves absolute parity of the "culture of corruption" on Left and Right.

Not hardly.

Now it is time for the Dems On The Hill to try, once again, to live up to the hopes and ethics of their supporters. What's the chances?

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