Saturday, June 30, 2007

Instahoglets June 30 2007

By Cernig

I just finished my week of guest-posting for Mike's blog roundup at Crooks and Liars. Here's the links for yesterday and today.

Northman on answering stupid neocon questions like "what would America's enemies like us to do in Iraq?" Stay, of course!

BTC News - Heath care in America is Un-American.

World Gone Mad gets "tongue-in-cheek" - Catholic Church says No to Gay Sex and Yes To Beast Sex.

Simply Left Behind - The U.S. used to innovate for the world, now it can't even keep the lights on.

Night Light has a new term for your consideration - Antipartisanship.

The Democratic Daily on the day the law died.

The Moderate Voice thinks the death of the immigration bill spells the end of Bush's power and the monolithic Rove GOP machine.

Shadow of The Hegemon's Demosthenes on why Dick Cheney stinks like thousands of dead fish.

LastLeftB4Hooterville - "Why is Republican, partisan-owned proprietary software being used for public elections?"

Over at The Arms Control Wonk, they have an update on the My Plan, Your Plan poker game over US missile defense sites in Europe. The Russians are saying Bush has until Putin reaches Kennebunkport to make his mind up.

Zeno at Halfway There gets an invite to contribute to Bush's birthday present (and changes some links to protect the innocent).

Simbaud from King of Zembla will be doing Mike's roundup all next week. Best of luck, S.

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