Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Impeachment Sidestep

By Cernig

Avedon at the Sideshow has a long post today, in which she riffs from Thoreau at Unqualified Offering's claim that the debacle of the Clenis impeachment made it harder to impeach Bush - and that the Bush administration know it.

It's all worth a read. Avedon notes that many (including myself, BTW) would say that:
In a better world, President Clinton would have done some jail time for his perjury. First, because people deserve to go to jail for lying under oath, and second because it would have set a good example for others who are thinking about lying to a court.
But adds that:
This administration has far surpassed Nixon's transgressions, and most people seem to know that. If I were trying to destroy the United States economically and politically, I would have done exactly what the Bush administration has been doing.

The Washington establishment may be perfectly happy with this situation, but the rest of the country is not.

I heard Bernie Sanders - Bernie Sanders - repeating Karl Rove's line about how the Republicans would just love to see the Democrats impeach Bush. No, they wouldn't, but of course they want everyone to believe that. It's embarrassing that even Senator Bernie has fallen for this, but it certainly tells you how difficult it is to get through to the Democrats that they should stop believing what these liars say.

The Capitol Hill gossips want us to believe that impeaching Bush/Cheney is about revenge, or partisanship, or a pathological "Bush hatred". It's not. It's about attempting to restore the United States of America as a republic.

Failing to impeach is about partisanship. Failing to impeach is about being afraid of electoral repercussions, about believing GOP spin, and about cowardice. None of those things are more important than putting a stop to what Bush is doing to our country and its people.
Avedon does some of the best punch-post roundups there are, but I really do love it when she writes these longer posts.

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