Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fred! Shares Stage With Writer For Racist Website

By Cernig

So Fred Thompson thinks he can burnish his foreign policy and presidential credentials by flying to London to give a speech and to seek the endorsement of Maggie Thatcher on his claim to be the avatar of Ronnie Reincarnated.


The speech itself was full of the usual platitudes, as James Joyner explains.

Seeking the blessing of Handbag Maggie is about the worst thing Fred! could do if he wants to repeair the international alliance so damaged by Blair's poodle act for Bush. Neither Gordon Brown nor David Cameron the conservative leader cleave to her version of stark raving mad hawkishness.

And standing on a platform with bigots like Anthony Browne, who makes at least part of his wages writing for the American racist website V-DARE, won't go un-noticed in Gordon Brown's circle either.

Both Brown and Cameron are likely to conclude that US/UK co-operation, especially in the Iraqi quagmire, is better dead than Fred!

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