Wednesday, May 02, 2007

You are what you eat

By Libby

This is what happens when you put industry hacks in charge of your government's regulatory agencies. Not only has tainted pet food killed our pets but it's entered the human food chain.

Millions of chickens have been raised on pet food scraps. One doesn't really want to speculate on what the scraps of pet food might be, but chances are you ate some melamine laced meat in the last six years and I don't think vegetarians should feel too smug yet. I have a feeling before this investigation is over, we'll find out that everything that uses any kind of imported gluten in its manufacture will have been compromised. But here's the real point.
The revelations are the latest in a rapidly widening scandal that started out with reports of a few deaths of pets. It has mushroomed into a major debacle that, even if no human injuries emerge, has exposed significant gaps in the nation's food-safety system.
The Bush administration would like us to think that terrorist bombs are the greatest threat to our safety but the truth is, incompetent industry oversight by crony bureaucrats are the real enemy to our health and welfare.

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