Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Now they're pissed off?

By Libby

I haven't said much about the immigration bill because frankly, I just don't know what the answer is, although I'm pretty sure I know what it isn't. And it surely isn't deporting 12 million illegal immigrants and building a wall. But what I really love is this sudden concern in the far right echo chamber over the rule of law.

The same people who have given pass after pass to Bush himself for destroying our civil rights while breaking every law and constitutional custom in the book, are suddenly outraged that the man won't crack the legal whip against the backs of people who are cleaning toilets and risking their limbs in the vile stench of meat packing plants to deliver their prime ribs in nicely sized portions, suitable for tonight's dinner?

Don takes the outrage up a notch.
He failed to press Mexico to keep its people in Mexico. Despite NAFTA, GATT and other agreements, we are being invaded by illegal aliens.
Excuse me for noticing, but that should have been "because of NAFTA,GATT and other agreements" and I'm guessing Mr. Surber fully supported all those agreements. It's precisely those sellouts to mega-corporate interests that created the exodus of Mexican workers. Those agreements effectively destroyed Mexico's formerly agrarian society and turned it into an urban-industrial poverty pit. It drew in all the workers from the rural reaches of the country and concentrated them on the border to serve US corporations for pennies on the dollar.

They wonder why those workers crossed over? Who in their right mind would slave for pennies on one side, when they can come over here and work for the same mega-corps under better conditions and for 100 times the money? The illegals may be poor and uneducated, but they're not stupid. I'd bet money, under the same circumstances, there's not one of these upstanding materialistic conservatives that wouldn't do the same, rule of law nothwithstanding.

To tell the truth, given the choice, so would I. Who wouldn't?

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