Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Double Standard Warmongering

By Cernig

Let the Iranians seize British navy personnel in disputed waters and the US extreme Right begins foaming at the mouth because the UK government decided diplomacy would work better than starting an immediate shooting war (which it did).

But let dozens of Iraqis dressed in Interior Ministry police uniforms kidnap a whole bunch of British civilians from an Iraqi Finance Ministry building in broad daylight and without any show of resistance by Ministry guards on the scene - impossible without high Iraqi government involvement - to which the obvious British response is to call in an SAS hostage rescue team which is kept on standby in Iraq just in case...and there will be nary a word from the wingnuts. Especially no calls at all for an instant and overwhelming British military response against the Iraqi government.

Could that be because the latter case points up the Bush administration's monumental failings in Iraq while the former just fed their fantasies of revenge for the long-ago slur of the Tehran Embassy hostages?

Surely they wouldn't be so partisan in their calls for immediate bloodshed, would they?

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