Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Where's Our Cash, George?

Bill O'Reilly needs a nice white blazer with long arms and ties up the back so he can hug himself aaaallll day. He's taken the Great Horowitz Paranoia mainstream and accused various progressive think-tanks and organisations - as well as John Edwards - of all being in George Soros' pocket and faithfully mouthing what Soros tells them to.

But we at Newshoggers have never seen one dime of Soros' talking points cash. Where's our moolah, George? Does this mean we aren't in the club? Is this why Kevin Drum won't answer my emails?

Or is it just that Bill parted company with reality some time ago?

Needless to say, the black helicopter crowd are lapping it up. It's only a matter of time before someone says Soros is Bin Laden's mole in the West. Or maybe a 'Gray'.

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