Friday, April 06, 2007

Time's Swampland

I've just added Time's Swampland blog to my bookmarks, a resource that I don't increase frequently. Despite that possible endorsement of the site, I have to take issue with this piece from Joe Klein, who talks about an anti-Hillary gathering in DC and says that his reaction is not so much:
Jeez these people are mortally dreadful, but more like: Jeez, if Hillary wins, are we going to have all these zombies in our faces yet again? They represent a moment in time--the '90s--that I'm not yet nostalgic for, and probably never will be.

Yes, it's unfair to Hillary. But when people talk about Clinton baggage, it's not just Monica, it's also the whole fetid, over-the-top gang of anti-Clinton obsessives who come to mind.
Klein, I think, misses something rather incredible here, namely that it doesn't matter who the Democrat in the White House is. The fetid, mortally dreadful, over-the-top zombies will be out in droves because that's what they do. And even more dreadful for him, they'll be in his face, which means they'll be influencing his writing, which means that the next Democratic president will face the same kind of crap that Bill Clinton faced in the 1990s.

I don't wonder why Joe Klein isn't nostalgic for that particular moment in time, nor do I doubt he won't be nostalgic for the era of the next Dem president.

Of course, he could change the whole equation by recognizing them as fetid, dreadful, over-the-top zombies in real time.

Update: And of course, Fester beat me to the punch! I oughta be used to it by now.

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