Saturday, April 14, 2007


What happened to Newshog?

Well, there's been some ch-ch-ch-changes. Newshog is now a group blog, as you may have already noticed, with the addition of blog-partners Libby, Fester and Shamanic.

I always intended "Newshog" to be a generic title, but inevitably I ended up being known as "Cernig the Newshog" and you'll even find it listed that way on some blogrolls. So....we decided that the blog name should reflect our new status, and that we should have a nice and shiny new layout to go with the change.

So update your blogrolls and your links - the url is unchanged but the name is now "The Newshoggers". We're still have the same quality of content, only more of it and it's easier to read.

We hope you enjoy it.

Regards, C

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