Monday, April 16, 2007

Crappy Days

by shamanic

I woke up feeling bad this morning, called out sick from work, took a couple of benedryl, and slept until 3:30 this afternoon. When I woke up, I logged on.

Ever since September 12, 2001, I've had this weird, split second flinch reaction when I send my browser to a news site. I followed a lot of the aftermath of 9/11 online, and I browsed to one of the news sites the morning after the attacks expecting fresh carnage.

It's one of those responses that is rarely reinforced by the contents of CNN's mainpage, but is reinforced just enough to stick around: the space shuttle Columbia explosion in 2002, the Madrid and London bombings of the last few years.

So it was today. Sharp intake of breath, move cursor to bookmark, click. Then: damn. Damn it.

As I write, the death toll stands at 33. Hopefully it will rise no higher. The police have not yet named the shooter nor explained - if they know - what set this off. All I know is it's murder and it's tragedy. It's heartbreaking.

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