Monday, April 09, 2007

Buy Japanese or die!

by shamanic

I love this story not because the executive branch of the United States government nearly blew itself up, but because I am a Toyota enthusiast. I've been driving a Yaris for a couple of months now, and really adore it. Before that, I was in a Tercel for close to a dozen years.

So when I read this story, my first thought was "Ford is making a dangerous product!" They don't mean to. It's just that American car makers are allergic to great design. It's why Japanese auto makers are ascendant.

But taking out an entire branch of our government? That's a special kind of design flaw. Then again, I guess it isn't easy to make something idiot-proof when the idiot in question is W.

(Yes, I generally object to throwing around words like "idiot" in the public discourse, but the operative term there is "idiot-proof", which begs the use of "idiot". 10,000 apologies for being uncivil.)

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