Thursday, April 12, 2007

But Cap'n, The Centrifuges Wanna Tak' It!

"...They're held taegether wi boogers and string!"

By Cernig
Just a few days ago, President Ahmadinejhad had announed "Warp factor 9" on Iran's nuclear program. But the truth is that he is rather like Captain Kirk, preening vainly while asking the impossible of the engine room.

That was the suspicion, indeed certainty, a great many people outside the war-hyping circles of rightwing hawks had. Now the IAEA have confirmed it.
The head of the UN's nuclear agency has said Iran is only at the early stages of enriching uranium.

Mohamed ElBaradei said Iran had not reached the industrial scale of uranium enrichment it claimed recently.

Mr ElBaradei said Iran had only hundreds of centrifuges for enriching uranium, not the thousands that would be needed for industrial production.

...The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said international concern over Iran's nuclear programme was based on its motives, rather than its current capability.

"Iran is still just at the beginning stages in setting up its Natanz enrichment facility. The talk of building a facility with 50,000 centrifuges is just at the beginning, and it is currently only in the hundreds," Mr ElBaradei said.

...This is the first time Mr ElBaradei has commented on Iran's announcement that it has entered a new phase in its enrichment programme.

He said that Iran would not be able to produce the highly enriched uranium needed for a nuclear bomb as long as it remained under the supervision of IAEA inspectors.

A team of IAEA inspectors is currently in Iran where it has been making a routine visit to the enrichment facility at Natanz
Expect this news to get exactly ZERO play from the warmongers.

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