Saturday, March 17, 2007

200 Anti-War Christians Arrested Outside White House

Makes for an...unusual...headline, doesn't it. We could spend hours talking about why that is and why it is so wrong. Even I get that it's wrong, that there's something seriously awry when we expect Christians to be pro-war, and I'm a pagan.

Usually, when there's an anti-war demonstration, uber-right blogs are full of snide comments about Godless pinko-commies who want America to be overun by the Caliphate.

I expect there to be an eerie silence about this one though:
Thousands of Christians prayed for peace at an anti-war service Friday night at the Washington National Cathedral, kicking off a weekend of protests around the country to mark the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq.

Afterward, participants marched with battery-operated faux candles through snow and wind toward the White House, where police began arresting protesters shortly before midnight. Protest guidelines require demonstrators to continue moving while on the White House sidewalk.

"We gave them three warnings, and they broke the guidelines," said Lt. Scott Fear. "There's an area on the White House sidewalk where you have to keep moving."

About 100 people crossed the street from Lafayette Park _ where thousands of protesters were gathered _ to demonstrate on the White House sidewalk late Friday. Police began cuffing them and putting them on buses to be taken for processing.

Fear said 222 people had been arrested by Saturday morning. The first 100 were charged with disobeying a lawful order, and the others with crossing a police line. All of them were fined $100.
Somehow, I've a feeling that if those had been pro-war faux-Christians then the cops would've cut them a bit more slack.

More at the HuffPo.

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