Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No War Now, Maybe later

It has now been confirmed by all the relevant nations that they will be attending talks aimed at stabilizing iraq, if that is in fact possible. Iran and the US will, therefore, sit down at the same negotiating table like civilized nations instead of two testosterone-laden High School kids posturing over which should be the team's star quarterback.

Unfortunately, I'm less than confident that the result will be anything other than a bunch of "he-said-but-he-said" (over weapons and rebels crossing borders in both directions) followed by sulks at opposite ends of the school gym, for reasons I wrote about the other day. Meanwhile, neocons like Captain Ed are pessimistic for the opposite reason - they don't want anything to get in the way of the war they want so much and have written about for so long (even if they realize that, practically, thanks to their neocon plans running the US military and world opinion dry, they can't have it right now).

The list of major players warning the Bush administration about war with Iran is long - France, Russia, Germany, China, Britain and just maybe (these are surely the days of Kremlin Watch D.C.) Gen Peter Pace. There will be no Coalition of the Willing for such a thing.

So no war for now, just making sure the voters keep fearing war because it makes them more likely to vote Republican. Which means more handouts to big corporate energy and armament interests, which means more campaign contributions for the GOP, which means a better and more effective campaign telling voters how scared they should be and how they should vote Republican...

...but maybe war later.

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