Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A-List Blogs - Not Brilliant At Breakfast

Jill IS Brillant this breakfast-time. She nails, utterly and accurately, the "bloggier-than-thou" attitude of the A-listers. Go read.

I've decided that Newshog, too, will be having a blogroll purge later today. I'm deleting every A-lister that doesn't link to Newhog. After all, why should I help out their traffic if they don't give a flying f**k about helping mine?

I'm also going to add a bunch more small blogs who do link to Newshog. They deserve my support since they support Newshog.

Do as thou would be done by, and all that.

And on that note I've a personal note for Glenn Greenwald. Glenn, you may recall that several months back during an email exchange I said I would love Newshog to be included in your blogroll. You replied that you would be delighted to do so since you liked our work here but to remind you in two weeks. I've seen the sidestep brush-off too many times in my business life but figured you were an honorable guy so, after two weeks, I duly reminded you. No response. No inclusion. I love your writing but...way to establish your A-list credentials, Glenn. Thanks.

Update "The purge" is done. If I missed your blog, my apologies. If you link to Newshog but aren't on the Newshog blogroll - in fact, if you just want Newshog to blogroll you - then drop me a mail at newshog [AT]gmail [DOT] com or leave me a note in comments.

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