Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gen. Pace's One-Man Anti-Neocon Show Continues

I bet the Cheney cabal at the White House and Pentagon are regretting ever letting the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs out of the country without minders. Yesterday he told reporters in Australia that he was unaware of the Baghdad briefing, and that he couldn't back the briefing's claims.

Today, reports say he is in Indonesia (drumming up more business for the military/industrial complex, natch) where he is raining all over yet another neocon parade:
Jakarta- China's growing military capabilities, including its recent successful anti-satellite missile test, should not necessarily be viewed as a threat to Asia, the top US military officer said Tuesday. General Peter Pace, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the US and its Asian allies should continue to expand economic ties and trade with Beijing to create an "inter-dependence" that would make a war unlikely.

"I'm very optimistic about China and its relations with the rest of the region and the US specifically," Pace said during a half-day visit to the Indonesian capital Jakarta, where he met with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his top military commanders.

"We should not assume anything about the Chinese anti-satellite test (last month) other than they now have the capacity to shoot down a satellite," he told a press conference. "I would not directly tie that to a threat - it's a capability."
You can see now how his mind works on such questions. Just because China has a capability doesn't mean that capability will be used. In the same way, just because Iran or the U.S. has a capability, it doesn't mean it will be used.

Which will please companies like Boeing, who would rather use China as a cut-price manufactory and market than see all that lovely business destroyed by war. And will please both the Federal Reserve and Wall Street, who must shudder every time one of the administration's neocon hawks blasts off at China in case the Chinese take offense and drop a bunch of dollar holdings onto the market in retaliation.

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