Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pain Ray Already Slated For Iraq

Remember that post the other day about the microwave pain ray? The one that the Air Force secretary says should be field tested on Americans first?

They'll need to hurry up and find an excuse to use it, then.

DefenseTech reported back in May that the ray was already slated for a test deployment in Iraq but that they decided it needed some more work so it would cook people even faster.
According to Bloomberg News, "Raytheon's new weapon, which is intended to repel hostile forces by creating a sensation of intense heat on skin, doesn't act quickly enough to be effective, said U.S. Marine Corps Col. Wade Hall, who directs the program that would test the device."

The device is scheduled to be installed on three Stryker transports headed to Iraq next year as part of a test of a range of new technologies [including sonic blasters and laser dazzlers]. If the problem isn't fixed, the Pentagon will have to decide in the next few months whether to include it...
DefenseTech also noted that the planning for an Iraq deployment for live tests was talked about as early as December of 2005. It seems that the 18th Military Police Brigade has requested ADS "to help 'suppress' insurgent attacks and quell prison uprisings."

I can't believe that the Air Force secretary was unaware of all this.

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