Monday, March 13, 2006

Newshog - Mission Statement

A new report says most media outlets (and blogs) report and comment on only the top two dozen or so news stories at any time.

Which brings me to a mission statement of sorts. This report shows why, along with the "usual suspects", I trawl through excellent aggregators like NewsNow looking for less-reported stories to bring you. Often enough, those reports cast a big shadow over the mainstream top news should you care to look. It's also why I try to do a little research about sources named in stories and look up background reports from before the story made it big.

I intend keeping on with what I do and the way that I do it. Whether it's sitting down and trying to come up with original thinking on an issue after reading screeds of information - like my Healthcare series or my Twin Wars essays - or simply taking the time to track down links to prove my point - like my Republican sociopaths post.

It's not the kind of blogging that gets Newshog thousands of readers a day (most days it's under 200). For a quick rise to huge readership you need lots of small posts every day, in the accepted Instapundit/Atrios style. If I had that kind of readership I could give up the day job and blog for a living, paid for by blogads (I wish), but I like the way I do what I do and would rather stick to my guns. Maybe Newshog is one of those slow-burners that gradually builds until it suddenly reaches the bigtime. Maybe not. The point is I enjoy writing this blog the way I do and I am not about to change. If you enjoy it too, feel free to send me emails with hat-tips to less well known news at newshog[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

Newshog. Sure it has punchposts and snark. But it also has "the news less travelled". That's a promise.

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