Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Torture Ban - Bush Backs McCain For President

In a remarkable u-turn, bowing to popular pressure, Bush today signalled that his Vice Prezi-didn't is a nutcase and turned his back on the Krauthammers and Malkins of the wingnut Right by agreeing to John McCain's proposed ban on torture.

In so doing, he effectively pushed Senator McCain's bid for the 2008 Republican candidacy far out ahead of any other challengers. When the primaries come, the non-extremists of the party will remember this decisive clash and conclude that anyone who can get George Bush to change his mind is annointed by the Gods. They may well be right - this will doubtless play well with the voting public too.

However, those who wish terrorist's grandmas to be tortured and made their childhood hobby pulling the wings off flies "because somebody has to do it" can take comfort from the fact that the ban is, essentially, now worthless.

As the exposure of secret camps and rendition flights have revealed, "we will now get other people to torture them over there, so we don't have to torture them over here."

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