Thursday, December 15, 2005

Iraq Elections

You would expect me to blog about the Iraq elections today, wouldn't you? But then again, I try not to post about a subject unless I have something I really want to say and let's face it no-one knows squat until the results are in.

So this is kind of a historic placeholder until there's something to talk about other than the very good turnout. We all knew there would be a good turnout because this time even the Sunni insurgency elements are telling their sympathisers to go vote. Only the results and time will tell whether this is actually good news or not. There's also been a lack of major violence for the very same reason. Only the foolish would expect this to be a definitive turnaround in events.

If you really want to read a whole bunch of people speculating from no facts at all then Memeorandum has lots of links to bloggers doing exactly that.

Thank you.

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