Sunday, November 06, 2005

Virginia Gov. Race Heads For Photo Finish

My good friend Mr. M, who writes for the excellent Comments From Left Field, mailed me yesterday and asked for a little help spreading the word about the Virginia Governor's race - the vote is Tuesday - where Democrat Kaine and Republican Kilgore are neck and neck.

I don't think I'm wrong saying that this is one of the most vital races not only of this year but as next as well. You've probably already heard this opinion but I cannot repeat it enough. If the Democratic party ever wants a prayer at winning back the South, we need a foothold. We need to show the South that we got it right, that progressives know how to get it done, and for the past four years, that's exactly what Mark Warner has been doing, and that legacy must continue.

If we want to win back America we have to show America that the progressive agenda, from economics to civil rights is the right agenda. The one that will better all of our citizens. This is the legacy that Kaine will continue if elected.

And if we want to win back the debate of American Politics, one in which a candidate campaigns not on the politics of personal destruction, but on the merits of his platform, we need to put our all behind those candidates who do exactly just that.

...And I'm also writing to ask of you another favor. The last one required no action, just reflection. This one does require action. I know most of you who read this do not live in Virginia. I also have an inkling that most of you are bloggers. What that means is that unlike myself, you cannot donate your time. And I understand that many of you, like myself, can not donate money (but for those of you who can please do), but you can help, you can make a difference.

If you know someone in Virginia, call them up, get them out of their chairs and get them voting for Tim Kaine. You can use your own blog to get the word out. There has been much pondering as to the power of the blogosphere, and we all have it within our grasp to prove just how powerful we can be. I beg of you to visit the Tim Kaine website (provided below), get to know Tim, and above all else, write! I've made many friends in the blogosphere, and I know you have too, now is the time to get them on the bandwagon as well. Tell them to call their Virginian friends and family to get out to the polls.

Now, I know I've been critical of the Democratic leadership. I think its part of my task as a progressive blogger, to be honest - when the leaders slip then they should be called on it, when they aren't doing the job at all then the call should be for change. Even so, I'm 100% behind Mr. M on this one. Kaine doesn't always have a sqeaky-clean platform as far as liberals may be concerned (he's pro-choice but wants abortion rare, is anti-death penalty but will uphold the law of the land)but he is far better than the alternative. I mean far better.

Of course Kilgore has a big ball-and-chain in the final days - George W. Bush, who is turning up in Virginia on Monday to give his backing. Given that Kilgore already swerved around being seen with Bush once, preferring to attend an NAACP event, he obviously knows how damaging Prezdint 35% could be to his final chances.

But if you can help put a nail in Kilgore's coffin, then please do. As the local TV station puts it:

A survey done early this week by the Mason-Dixon Polling and Research firm found that 45 percent favored Democrat Tim Kaine and 44 percent support Republican Jerry Kilgore.

That's well within the poll's margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.
It means the campaign that does the best job scouring the state for its voters and getting them to the polls wins.

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