Friday, November 04, 2005

Rightwing Shills

Thanks Without you we wouldn't have such a marvellously seedy example of how the blogging Right is bereft of its own ideas and must instead shill for paid professionals who use them to make sure the hordes of unthinking drones stay "on message".

This is what you get if you look at memeorandum right now, 5pm ET:

Top Items:
TimChapman /
RNC blogger conference call — The RNC has organized another blogger conference call this afternoon. Today's call will be with the White House's Alito confirmation team leader, Steve Schmidt.

Patrick Hynes /
Blogger Conference Call With WH Advisor Steve Schmidt On Alito Nomination — Today I had the opportunity to participate in a blogger conference call with Steve Schmidt, Special Advisor to the President in charge of the White House confirmation team. We first want to thank Steve and Patrick Ruffini …

Flip / Suitably Flip: Alito Conference With WH Special Advisor: Take 2

Matt Margolis / Blogs for Bush: Blogger Conference Call with WH Advisor Steve Schmidt Blogger Conference Call - Steve Schmidt on the Alito Nomination

James Joyner / » Outside The Beltway: Blogger Conference Call with Steve Schmidt

John Hawkins / Right Wing News: Blogger Conference Call With The Head Of The Alito Confirmation Team

All of these appeared exactly 28 minutes ago.

Now, who was it that was supposed, according to the Right, to not have their own ideas? As any progressive will tell you, getting Lefty bloggers to stay "on message" is like herding cats - but that's because we can all think for ourselves. These shills can't even think up their own headlines.

The blogging Right - Parrots, not Pundits.

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