Thursday, October 27, 2005

Insta-Hoglets Oct 27th.

There's blog coverage galore of Harriet Miers and dozens speculating on "Fitzmas" so here at Newshog I figure you don't want more of the same regurgitated punditry. Here's some stuff that flew in under the radar.

  • Much as Republicans like to drivel on about how the Left is bereft of ideas and how socialism is so weak that opposing it is the political equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel - actions speak louder than words.

    Which is why I find it so very, very funny that the GOP is having a hel of a trouble in getting someone to oppose Bernie Sanders in his Senate run. The top two choices, Governor Douglas and Lt. Gov. Dubie have both declined the honor of running against the US' favourite socialist. The Hotline says:

    Many Republicans in DC believe that VT Gov. Jim Douglas (R) is the only Republican who'd have a real chance at beating Indepdendent Bernie Sanders in the general. Douglas refused that race a while ago. So Senate GOPers tried to get Dubie in the race (as did WH CoS Andy Card.) Other VT GOPers want Dubie to run for Sanders' house seat, but that prospect is unlikely.
    Dubie's departure means that wealthy software magnate Richard Tarrant will likely get the GOP nomination. In early Oct., he wrote a $550K check to an exploratory account.

    Go Bernie!

  • Following on from my post the other day about WalMart backing an increase in the minimum wage, all is revealed as smoke and mirrors while WallieWorld pursues an aggressive business philosophy of screwing everyone and anyone over in search of profit. A leaked internal memo calls for Wal-Mart saving money by forcing more employees into part-time work without benefits and discriminating against the unhealthy and disabled. Nathan Newman has the goods.

  • Under pressure from Democrats, moderate pro-labor Republicans and some religious figues, Bush is forced to reinstate Davis-Bacon rules requiring that companies awarded federal contracts for Hurricane Katrina pay prevailing wages, usually an amount close to the pay scales in local union contracts. Bush was forced to admit that the suspension of the wage law was not saving the government money on billions of dollars in Katrina contracts and the rules will come back into full force on Nov. 8th.

    Note - One of the most interesting parts of this story is the co-operation between unions and the Republican pro-labor caucus. Its an innovation, a crack in the Right's automatic denigration of anything pro-labor, that will bear watching carefully.

  • Corruption Watch - From The Washington Times newswire:

    The departure of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration official may be linked to stock deals involving companies regulated by the agency. Dr. Lester Crawford resigned as FDA commissioner last month, two months after taking over the agency's top spot. He had been with the FDA for 3 1/2 years overall.

    It seems we are talking about $100,000's in stock transactions by Crawford and his wife over his 3 year tenure, all stocks of companies over which the FDA serves as a watchdog.

    Question: Can anyone find a Bush appointee who doesn't have his or her fingers illegally in pies?

  • FEMA and a Governor screw the pooch yet again -

    MIAMI -- Frustrated victims of Hurricane Wilma lined up again Wednesday for gas, water, ice and food, as Gov. Jeb Bush admitted that the state should have done a better job of funneling supplies to South Florida.

    Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez called the relief process "flawed," adding that he was "frustrated, disappointed, angered" with the delivery of supplies.

    Increasingly perturbed residents agreed.

    "We can't get food, water, power," said Gail McDonald of Coral Springs. "It's going to be a mess like this for months. This is a national disaster, and FEMA should help us."

    But Bush said the Federal Emergency Management Agency wasn't at fault.

    "Don't blame FEMA. This is our responsibility," Bush said. "If anyone wants to blame anybody, blame me."

  • See the budget cut? Watch the budget cut!, Congress does the old shell-game and....guess which bill the budget cut reappears under, now with an even higher price tag?

    If you guessed that perennial favourite the Emergency War Bill then you win a solid gold no-prize.

    (Thanks to regular Kirkrrt for this must read insight into the funding shell-game.)
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