Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Latte Drinkers Shaft The Poor Again

Yet another rant coming, it must be the week for it.

The LA Times:

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Democratic Leadership Council, an organization of influential party moderates, on Monday named Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) to direct a new initiative to define a party agenda for the 2006 and 2008 elections.

The appointment solidified the identification of Clinton — once considered a champion of the party's left — with the centrist movement that helped propel her husband to the White House in 1992. It also continued her effort, which has accelerated in recent months, to present herself as a moderate on issues such as national security, immigration and abortion.

Now here's the thing that's pissing me off - every major-name pundit who is talking about this story is talking about how the Democrats must reclaim it's status as the party of the middle-class - and then the debate rages about whether a move to the Democratic Underground's moonbat version of left or a move to Biden and H. Clinton's corporate-owned version of center would do that best.

You know what? Fuck all you latte-sippers!

What about the poor, the poverty-stricken, the working class s.o.b.s who pay 50% of their income on rent for an apartment (they can't afford to buy in the current market, not on minimum wage)? By their standards, the middle class do alright, Jack.

20% of children in the US live at or below the poverty level. Don't they and their parents deserve some voice? Don't the powers that be realise that the vast majority of those who don't vote in elections come from that poorest 20% of the population?

Why? Because they've got no-one to fucking vote for!

The Democrats rely on their votes from the middle class while pandering to the corporations for campaign finance. The Republicans rely on big business for their finance (and we all know that, increasingly, it's the big bucks that win elections) and aim that money at the middle class to get votes.

Both pretend to look after the working class by empty rhetoric of "looking after the poor" or "being tough on terror" without actually carrying thru on the big talk.

Bernie...Bernie Sanders! Change to Win Coalition! If you hear this, please consider backing some more independent, grassroots candidates to represent the workers, with a view towards eventually creating a third party to challenge the milionaires of the Democrats and the Republicans. Oh and Bernie, maybe after you win that Senate seat the next target should be the White House?

A quarter of the country need you. Don't let them down

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