Sunday, January 09, 2005

Normal? Service

Hi All, I am back...not just online but also back in Texas. The whole situation in Atlanta, it quickly transpired, was not what we had been led to expect from my out-laws, so we turned around and came back.

Tomorrow, I will get back to the normal schedule of daily posts, and will start with today's (Sunday) missed Newshog news briefs. Later in the week I am going to start another frequent feature, 'Blogabout' which will use the news briefs format for a look at some interesting happenings purely from the blogosphere. There will still be the usual daily post about something that made my blood fizz or somethging that casts a new light on major news items too.

Thanks Mr M. for holding the fort while I travelled the deep South, and welcome to the team. Your opinions are always readable and thought-provoking, both here and at 'Left of Center' blog.

It's good to be home.

Regards, C


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear things didn't work out in Atlanta. I hope the experience wasn't too expensive. Having moved three times in the four years, I know it not only is a pain is the back, it hurts the wallet also.

EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

after 43 years in the usa, i made a move to western europe. the deep south i remember fondly. the north more cold and money grabbing. both places seem to be going down the tubes. please read my blog and comment.

Kyle E. Moore said...

Glad to have you back buddy! Eh, from what I've experienced of Atlanta, it's not that big a loss. (Granted, stomach flu, lost teeth, stranded in the airport etc.)

Anyway, sorry things didn't work out for ya, but it is good to have you back.

Mr. M
Left of Center

Cernig said...

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the well wishes. It was...interesting, let us say. Everything is a learning experience, and on this little trip through the US I learned a good deal about the "I'm alright Jack, greed for greed's sake" attitude that is the most vitriolic poison Bushist Thatcherism has given middle-class America. If ever I saw a place that needs a working class backlash of caring socialist populism, it is the Deep South.

Yank, I had a look at your blog. Great stuff, I like the idea of the multimedia approach.

OK...if anyone knows of a blogger who is producing really innovative or insightful content on the Left, let me know! I don't want to restrict the new 'Blogabout' feature solely to the sites that are linked to NewsNow or the bigger alliances of bloggers. I truly want to use this feature to put my blog where my mouth is and promote good Leftie bloggers.



Anonymous said...

You already have her linked, but I want to nominate Simianbrain. Shamanic isn't very consistent, but she occasionally writes some really good stuff. Mostly though she does what you do (at a much smaller level)and comments on events of the day.
I am proud to say she scooped the mainstream media on the independent counsel picked to investigate the Valerie Plum leak. She had his links to the Bush family posted 12 hours before the NYT or Washington Post.