Friday, March 07, 2008

A Tony Of All Trades...

...A Master of None.

By Cernig

Tony Blair is continuing to do what he does best - market himself as being all things to all people while actually being all about Tony.
Not content with trying to bring peace to the Middle East - as well as advising an insurance company on the risks of climate change, a bank on crisis management and Rwanda on good governance - Tony Blair is to add another job to his portfolio: teaching God and politics at one of America's most prestigious universities.

Yale, the Ivy League alma mater of his good friend George Bush, confirmed yesterday that the former prime minister is to join the schools of management and divinity at the campus in New Haven, Connecticut, in the autumn. He will teach a course on faith and globalisation, looking at religion in the modern world.
Rejoice, Harvard, for your old rival has just been sold a doubtless very expensive pup.

I wonder which U.S. presidential candidate he'll end up adding to his portfolio of backers?

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