Monday, March 03, 2008

Obama winning YouTube war

By Libby

While the Democrats fight it out on the ground in Texas, the YouTube battles are raging on the intertubes. There's a brand new one uploaded yesterday by the same guy who did the much admired "Yes We Can" video. "We Are the Ones" is done in the same style but I think it's even better. It's sparer and more subtle. I was thinking as I was watching it that Obama has a real edge in the YouTube wars because his name is so melodious. It begs to be made into a song lyric. Clinton just doesn't have the same lilt.

Obama also appears to have more creative and prolific supporters. "The fight for the Latino vote has inspired several Spanish-language music video tributes to Obama on the Internet, including a reggaeton tune, a corrido and a cumbia." I found two, "Viva Obama" and Obama Song Spanish Reggaeton. Both were really good.

Contrast those with these from the Clinton campaign. Here's "Hillary, Hillary Clinton" and "Oye Hillary." I don't think they're nearly as good. They're not as well produced and the format feels contrived and dated while Obama's videos feel spontaneous and fresh.

If I were to predict the outcome on Tuesday solely on the basis of the YouTubes, I'd call it an easy win for Obama.

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