Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Regrets?

By Cernig

Dubya says he has "no regrets" about invading and occupying Iraq.

Not one?

Not the fixing on intelligence around the policy to enable the invasion in the first place? not the setting of a dangerous precedent for other nations by invading without a UN authorisation? Not the disbanding of the Iraqi armed forces? Not the backing of corrupt exiles or the attempt to set up an Iraqi government without a democratic process? Not the failures in drafting a fair constitution that have made reconciliation a pipe-dream? Not the deplorable situation where the world's most powerful army is paralysed by the thought of a Bin Laden press release claiming his own victory if they withdraw? Not the outrageous domestic spying, the torture, the rollback of the rule of law, that have attended Bush's grand adventure? Not the hundreds of thousands of lives lost and not the trillions of dollars in deficit spending that have created a recession?

Not one?

I'm forcibly reminded of the Kerry/Bush debates of '04 when Dubya couldn't think of a single mistake he'd admit to. Sociopathic or pig-stupid, take your pick.

As for declaring the Surge a "major strategic victory in the broader war on terror" because the Awakening is now turning its back on Osama - when the Awakening had nothing to do with the Surge in the first place and when all those insurgents who now form the Awakening wouldn't have climbed on Osama's bandwagon without the U.S. invasion/occupation in the first place...

...well, that's just plain dishonest.

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