Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Murtha's Mind

By Cernig

I see John Murtha has endorsed Clinton (via CFLF). It's being played as a valuable endorsement - "bringing his clout as a 17-term member of the House and a prominent anti-war Democrat to bear with more than a month until the primary here in his home state".

But I have to tell you I entertain a heresy - I don't trust Big John. It's a heresy I've come to slowly after previously supporting a couple of his amendments on Iraq-related bills. I've noticed that, for all his anti-war talk, often when there's a Democratic bil or resolution that would use the power of the purse or Congressional legislation to curb Bush's wanton spending of American blood and treasure to protect a bunch of Iran's closest pals in Iraq's Green Zone, Murtha steps in with a competing amendment. One that lets the Republicans attack both Murtha's version and the original as defeatist and then both his and the original go down in flames because Bush Dogs get scared of being called softies. It's just the timing I question. That and the way Murtha is anti-war but gets more funding from, and sends more pork to, defense contractors than any other politician. Always follow the money.

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