Monday, March 24, 2008

More than words

By Libby [Updated]

Well my colleagues have been burning up the blog with their hot posts today so I'm just going to direct to you Spencer Ackerman's article based on interviews with Obama's foreign policy team. I found it through Media Matt, whom I think was impressed. Spencer was clearly impressed and it raised my respect for Obama, and even, dare I say, raised my hope that maybe he really means all that inspiring rhetoric about change and has the courage to follow through on it.

Of course, there's no sure way to predict what any candidate will do once they win, but I think it's the must read of the day for anybody who thinks Obama lacks substance.

Update: To be clear, but I wasn't so much impressed with his team. They actually scare me a bit. But then so does everybody's team. Too many old school conventional wisdom types for me.

I do like that his team at least seems to be somewhat diversified but that isn't what impressed me either. What impressed me was that he assembled a smart team but rejected their political counsel to back off from the "ending the mindset" messaging as being too politically dangerous.

I think his instincts on this are good and I'm almost believing that he's sincere about trying to do it after reading this piece.

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