Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's 3:00am and I'm sick of politics

By Libby

I woke up today with mixed emotions. To be honest, I was hoping Obama would blow Hillary away last night. Not because of any great enthusiasm for Obama but because he is already winning the delegate race and I just wanted this to be over so we could go back to fighting the GOP instead of fighting each other. I wanted Obama to win because the way I see it, Hillary eked out her victories based on fearmongering and Republican grade dirty tricks and I don't want those to work anymore. It troubles me greatly that they did.

But alas, Rush gets his wish and the Democratic bloodbath appears destined to continue on its path of internecine destruction all the way to Denver. At this point all I'm hoping for is that the party will emerge more or less intact and that the old saw will prove true -- what doesn't kill us will make us stronger. Maybe it's good that we do our own bloodletting instead of allowing the GOP to slice us up early. Perhaps it will be better if the candidates hurl the slings and arrows at each other now, if only to steal the GOP's ammo in the general. It's still a long way to November and today's scandals will be long forgotten by then. One can hope the media will continue to happily wallow in horserace coverage and the narrative will center on Democrats, rather than simply swallowing and regurgitating the GOP talking points into the news cycle. That would be one small plus.

The only truly bright spot I see this morning is the phenomenal turnouts. The prolonged contest has put long ignored states into play and the electorate finally perceives voting as something that matters. But even that is clouded by the mayhem at the polls. The system is geared to apathy. It wasn't prepared to deal with active and abundant citizen participation. This is a problem that needs to be solved well before November and surely this is one issue we can all coalesce around regardless of which candidate we support. At least I hope so.

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