Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hold McCain accountable

By Libby

Here's your 30 second point and click activism of the week. This just in off the transom.
Dear Libby ,

John McCain is breaking the law.

When McCain's presidential campaign was in trouble, he opted-in to public financing through the primary, limiting him to a $54 million spending cap.

But laws aren't for "mavericks"...

McCain's latest spending report, filed by his own campaign, shows he has spent in excess of $58 million so far -- a public admission by his own hand that he has broken the law.

We filed a formal complaint to Federal Election Commission yesterday, and we want you to sign-on for a second delivery of signatures later this week.

Please read and co-sign the letter to the FEC right now.
This one is so simple to sign onto that it won't take ten seconds unless you're a really slow typist. McCain is gaming the system using taxpayer dollars. He needs to be held accountable for ignoring the rule of law. Sign the letter and pass the link on. Let's generate some steam for this issue. Maybe our lamebrained professional media will cover it more fully if we make enough noise.

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