Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good Job North Carolina

Credible signals are costly signals. 
North Carolina just sent a credible signal that they do not want to be tarred nor tolerate the appearance of massive corruption by overwhelmingly voting to expel a member of the state House of Representatives who is being investigated for allegedly engaging in fraud and embezzlement of up to $340,000.  
the North Carolina General Assembly has voted to expel one of its own members. Representative Thomas Wright was expelled today after a vote of 109-5 in the NC House of Representatives, citing "unethical conduct" in regards to allegations of taking money fraudulently from donations.
Although he has not been convicted of any crimes at this time, Representative Wright has been charged with fraud and obstruction of justice and has been accused of mishandling both campaign money and funds donated to a non-profit. The trials for the six charges that involve around $340,000 in alleged mishandled funds and loans have not taken place yet. 
This is good government, good sense and good politics as almost everyone involved can point out a concrete action that they took against self-dealing.  It also serves as a deterrent to anyone who is interested in self-dealing.  Good job North Carolina, and I wish Congress would take similiar actions against multiple members (from each party) as that would help restore some public trust in the institution. 

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