Friday, March 21, 2008

Devil with a blue dress

By Libby

I didn't get around to blogging this earlier but I'm still fuming over this ABC story. It's not like we're lacking for examples of the failures of the major media, but this one is surely hits the gold standard of tabloid journalism. After agitating endlessly for Hillary Clinton to release her White House schedules, the most important story in the tiny depraved mind of Brian Ross is where Hillary was when Monica and Bill were fooling around? If this is material to her ability to be president, then I think Mr. Ross should be equally diligent in tracking down where John McCain's wife was while he was cheating on her. That actually would hold some relevancy, since John is the one running for president and it would speak to his lack of character.

Meanwhile, my anger about this has rendered me practically incoherent so I'm going to outsource my outrage to Susie Madrak who posted an articulate rant along with the information on how to contact Mr. Ross directly to let him know what you think of his journalistic skills and ethics.

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