Thursday, February 28, 2008

The stupidity of blogger Bill Hobbs

by shamanic

He of the Tennessee GOP "Anti-Semites for Obama" smear piece is hopping mad up in Nashville, furious that the liberal-controlled papers in Nashville and Chattanooga (what?) would focus on his use of Obama's middle name as a slur designed to tie him to those who wish harm against our country... wow, the dude's just deeply off his rocker.

But, to demonstrate that there's nothing unsavory about using Obama's middle name, Hobbs inadvertently displays his lack of understanding of how that little-known website "Wikipedia" works: "Update: Obama's Wikipedia page uses his middle name."

Presumably, if I went over to Wikipedia and edited the Obama entry so that his name became "Barack Bill Hobbs Obama", that would prove that the two men are one and the same.

These internets are spooky things, no?

Oh, and also Bill -- "Rodham" is not Hillary Clinton's middle name. It's her maiden name. I bet that's in her wikipedia entry.

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