Friday, February 08, 2008

Scotland Yard - Bhutto Died From Head injury In Blast

By Cernig

British investigators have concluded their look at the cause of benazir Bhutto's death. The Guardian has the summary report.
In essence, all the evidence indicates that one suspect has fired the shots before detonating an improvised explosive device. At the time of the attack, this person was standing close to the rear of Ms Bhutto's vehicle. The blast caused a violent collision between her head and the escape hatch area of the vehicle, causing a severe and fatal head injury.
The team from Scotland Yard noted that the lack of an autopsy and hosing down of the incident area within an hour of the blast complicated their investigation, but have forwarded this conclusion with a high degree of certainty, working from other evidence. The PPP have refused to accept the findings. "She died from a bullet injury, this was and is our position," said Sherry Rahman, a spokeswoman for Bhutto's party.

They also say Bhutto's death was the work of a lone assassin, who both fired the shots and detonated the bomb which killed her.

However, they were not asked by the Pakistani authorities to investigate who might be responsible for ordering her death, and on that they remain silent. Both the pakistani authorities and the CIA have said that Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud, ordered her killing. However, there are considerable reasons to doubt that allegation.

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