Thursday, February 21, 2008

Next IAEA Report On Iran Due

By Cernig

According to IAEA officials, the next report on Iran is due out this weekend, either tomorrow or Monday. It's expected to say, yet again, that Iran has been cagy but co-operating and that the IAEA still haven't found a smoking gun or even a waterpistol.

So it must be time for those who would prefer the words "Iran" and "nuclear threat" to be conjoined in the public's mind to set out a new range of accusations. That way, they can point at the IAEA's report and say "but it doesn't answer these questions!"

Oh look, whaddaya know.

The MeK says Iran has a secret nuke plant in Tehran's suburbs. This, presumably, is different from all the other Iranian secret nuke plants the MeK have "revealed" since 2003 and passed to the U.S. - thence to the IAEA - but which turned out to be entirely non-existant when investigated.

And the Bush administration is pushing the laptop the MeK was given by some guy again.

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