Friday, February 15, 2008

Masloff's hierarchy of needs

Sophie Masloff, a highly respected former mayor of Pittsburgh and the grand dame of Pittsburgh Democratic politics is hedging her bets on her DNC superdelegate vote. She orginally endorsed Sen. Hillary Clinton, now she has moved herself into the undecided column... interesting:

Two other superdelegates, Sophie Masloff of Pennsylvania and Nancy Larson of Minnesota, are uncommitted, having dropped their earlier endorsements of Clinton.

Very interesting. One thing that has always been said about Sophie is that she is not an idiot on either policy or political grounds. She has influence within the Allegheny County Dem. machine, not as the dominant force but as a respected voice, so my guesstimate that Obama could break even or win in PA-14 which contains the city of Pittsburgh has been slightly strengthened with this news.


PS --- Fellow Hoggers ---please stop me from making bad psychology puns in my titles again

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