Sunday, February 03, 2008

Instahoglets - Blogroll Amnesty Day Edition

By Cernig

It's been a year since some A-list liberal bloggers decided to cull smaller blogs from their blogroll and call it by the Orwellian name of a "blogroll amnesty". In outraged reply "a bunch of blogtopia's apparent rabble took that as a challenge and reclaimed amnesty by more liberally linking to other blogs than ever before". Now, Jon Swift and skippy are leading the charge to make Blogroll Amnesty Day - the one where small blogs encourage links to each other - into an annual day of celebration of our diversity. We at Newshoggers heartily approve of this annual event - we've always tried to outreach in our linking policy and we owe our current set-up to the energy generated by that original amnesty.

And so in the spirit of celebration, here's a tiptoe through the tulips from our own blogroll. There's some great writers and thinkers out there and the A-listers who see themselves as "gatekeepers" shouldn't be shutting the gate behind themselves.

Agitprop - Conservapedia page of the day.

Armchair Generalist reviews The Changing Face of War by Martin Van Creveld.

At Largely - guest blogger Kathy on the disturbing revelation that the 9/11 commission knew about torture done to obtain information used by the commission.

bastard.logic wonders why people can admit mistakes or impotence over a situation fairlt readily but won't allow their army or nation to do so. Matt takes Afghanistan as a ferinstance.

Blah3 - never mind miles per gallon, what about miles per dollar?

Blue Girl on sex and dating.

Brilliant At Breakfast - Jill has her own Amnesty Day roundup - even more great posts to click on.

Award-winning SF author Charles Stross takes a look at a typical British youth of today and what Charlie remembers that they have no clue about. Trying to readjust this post to fit American youth is a fun game. For instance - no 18 year old remembers Reagan joking about nuking Russia but they were an impressionable eleven when all the adults were getting worked up about Clinton doing something dirty.

Empty Corner notes that Pakistan's wheat shortage is having a negative knock-on effect in Afghanistan. No politics is just local.

Hootsbuddy - we all get older, and one day we're all the same age as Willy Loman.

If I Ran the Zoo - "I'm still voting for Obama, but I see a huge crack up of the unity express."

Kiko's House - The AG & Torture: Same As It Ever Was

Liberty Street - Kathy has a mega-roundup for Blogroll Amnesty Day (B.A.D.) too!

Main & Central - Lurch writes to Bush about tax rebates.

Monkeyfister notices the deafening silence about Blogroll Amnesty Day from those who started the whole thing.

Middle Earth Journal - Romney is the Republican nominee liberals need in 2008.

Northman's Fury on why fighting them over there means Bush's adminsitration ignores the need for more security over here.

Publius Endures - can America have a president who encourages top-down political gridlock (the way the Founders intended it) again, please?

Avedon Carol at The Sideshow says that given their penchant for the Civil War (and can I throw in WW2 here?), the wingnut crowd has a nerve asking people to forget the 60's. Avedon is a veritable goddess of links to smaller bloggers and her efforts on their behalf don't get her near enough recognition. I hereby nominate her as B.A.D. blogger of the year.

Over at The Impolitic, Captain Fogg notes that McCain comes from a line of warmongers and wonders how far the acorn has fallen from the tree. Not far.

Total Informational Awareness - Eric looks at the latest set of BS excuses for invading Iraq.

WhirledView - democracy is neither a God-given right nor an exclusively American property and whn it's on autopilot it will fail.

Update Entry - David at The Art Of Peace has his own thoughts on BAD and another roundup of great small blogs to visit.

There's far more out there. If you've got a post you'd like to see linked here, let me know in comments. I also want to take this opportunity to restate the Newshoggers' blogroll policy.

To be on the Newshoggers blogroll, a blog must either do us the respect of blogrolling Newshoggers in return or by linking to the Newshoggers' work a couple or three times. I spend time making as sure as I can be that the blogroll is up to date but I can make mistakes too, so if your blog should be there and isn't let me know. There are no free rides just because "everyone links to that blog".

Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day, everyone!

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