Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'll hold my breath until you're sorry!

Conservative leaning groups are forming a nice little circular firing squad. This time a decent size sector trade and lobbying group, the National Association of Home Builders, is threatening to withhold its political donations because the federal government has not handed them enough goodies in the past couple of years. Besides ensuring the only long bonds available were mortgages, keeping the regulatory barn door open after the horses were hitched, trotted out of the gate, ridden hard, rubbed down, put away, fed and taken out again the next morning, and getting the IRS residual value interest deduction that they lobbied for, they got absolutely nothing in the past couple of years.

The National Association of Home Builders said Tuesday its political action committee has decided to stop making contributions to candidates for Congress "until further notice."

Since 1990, the trade group has given nearly $20 million to federal candidates, with 35 percent going to Democrats and 65 percent to Republicans, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

As a progressive I love this action. It marginally weakens Republican fundraising, although I have to ask how much disposable cash the NAHB has due to their entire market segment's current implosion. Even the money that the NAHB gave to Democrats went to conservative suburban/exurban expansion Democrats. This was money that is against my interests within the Democratic Party. A little less corporate suburban expansion cash marginally weakens the Mark Penns and Rahm Emmanuals of the party who argue that the Democrats must blur as many policy distinctions as possible in order to have any chance of running any decently funded candidates against slightly to signifcantly worse Republicans. Cutting the cash flow of the DLC/Bush Dog Democrats improves progressive interests and power in Congress by a marginal amount.

Please let their be a corporate donor strike this cycle; it would be great for my interests

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