Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ho Hum, A Day At The Races

By Cernig

It's another day and America's punditry and bloggers are still obsessed with who did what to who in the Amercan Idol Presidency races. Is anyone else sick of the tawdry and shallow level of the primary discourses yet? McCain might be a furriner, Obama might be talking out both sides of his mouth on NAFTA, Hillary still has a snit on about being "Frist!", Obama has a furrin-soundin' middle name - - this is American political discourse for the next several months.

Meanwhile, in the real ousted PM has returned to Thailand, Turkey is still in Iraq, Israel is conducting airstrikes in retaliation for missile attacks, Afghans are wondering where their country is going in this nice handbasket, Kenya's still in turmoil (but there's maybe an accord there) - along with half the rest of Africa leading to a growing and destabilising tide of refugees and migrations.

In the wider world, America has a reputation for being too self-interested and navel-gazing to be trusted as the sole world's policeman. In America, people are constantly amazed by the newest crisis that's suddenly popped up out of, seemingly, nowhere. I wonder why?

Another thought - if someone can't lift their discourse from kindergarten level as a candidate, what makes you think they'll be any different as President?

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