Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday (Wild)Cat Blogging

By Cernig

I've wandered over large chunks of Scottish wilderness in my time - and only ever seen two Wildcats, the indigenous Scottish cat. They're gorgeous creatures, a bit bigger than a large domestic cat and with all the pride and 'tude of a full-grown lion.

Now, there's a push on to try to get an accurate picture of how many of these beautiful cats are left.
Walkers in the Highlands are being asked to help discover the true numbers of one of Britain's most secretive creatures - the Scottish wildcat.
It became extinct in England and Wales 150 years ago but continues to be sighted in Scottish woods and moorland.

Some estimates suggest just 400 survive - although there could be up to 4,000.

Now Scottish Natural Heritage is asking everyone who uses the countryside to take part in a year-long survey and report sightings of the timid animal.

The conservation body hopes to assess numbers and distribution.

If it helps preserve their numbers and habitat, then great. Scotland would be poorer without them.

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